What are the right doors for your home extension?

A home extension is not only an excellent way to create more living space, but also a lucrative way to add to the overall value of your home. If you’re planning a home extension, whether it’s a kitchen extension or a two-storey extension, an important aspect to consider is the type of doors you are going to use to complete the project.

Adding windows and doors to your architectural drawings is something that is done by your structural designer or engineer. We will work closely with you to choose doors that suit your personal taste and style as well as the aesthetic you are trying to achieve in your home.

Whether your goal in adding doors to create more light in your home or allow for additional privacy, there is a wide variety of options out there for you to choose from.

French doors

While French doors are quite a traditional option, they bring a classic touch to any home extension. They’re mostly categorised by opening on a hinge rather than a sliding mechanism. French doors are a great option if you’re looking to add more natural light to your home without having to use expensive panes of glass.

French doors can totally transform the look and feel of a space and add value to your home. We’d recommend adding this perfect style statement to your kitchen extension to give it a chic look and feel.

Sliding doors

Also known as patio doors, sliding doors are a great option if you’re looking to enjoy your garden and outdoor space without having to step outside. In-line sliding doors allow you to sit back and enjoy the view, even on a rainy day.

Sliding doors can be partially or fully glazed and can cover large areas of the rear of your home.

We recommend using sliding doors if you’re working with a tight space as they are highly space-efficient.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are increasingly popular and for good reason. They are functional, allow for massive amounts of natural light and can turn any area of your home into a focal point.

Bi-fold doors have multiple sections which fold into each other, creating a concertina effect. They have large glass panes, helping to merge inside and outside.

Although these are a more expensive option, they can be used with floating corners to open up your home, giving you a 180-degree view of the outdoors.

Extras to consider

  • Large glass doors are a great way to let the outside in while keeping your home warm.
  • Restricting floor-to-ceiling doors to just one section of your home gives you more wall space to work with for kitchen cabinets or storage space.
  • Your door openings will need to adhere to building regulations.
  • If you’ve got the space, using multiple French doors repetitively will give you the light benefits of bi-fold and sliding doors. This repetition adds a certain charm to your home and allows for plenty of natural light
  • If you’re wanting a more rustic look to your home, you could construct new doors out of natural wood. Wood doors do need more treatment and care than metal products, but they’re also easier and cheaper to repair.

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