What Are Architectural Drawings? And Why You Need Them

Architectural drawings are the backbone of any building’s design. If you’re not sure what architectural drawings are, why they exist and why you need them for your home renovations, keep reading!

The History Of Architectural Drawings

Historical architectural drawings did not have specifications such as measurements like they do today as they were never designed to be created. In the Renaissance, painters would draw extremely detailed designs of structures and concepts they creatively devised. The drawings were never created to be built or come of anything other than to be spectacular art. Historical architectural drawings did not have specifications, such as measurements, like they do today as they were never designed to be actual buildings. Eventually, however, architectural drawings started to be used as the basis of building, as the foundations of a structure.

Why Do You Need Architectural Drawings?

Architectural drawings are the starting point for any building project. They have every tiny detail for the build to be successfully listed within them. Without architectural drawings, it would be the builder’s responsibility to decide how big a room should be and how it should be laid out, inevitably ending up with the very uneven building.

Benefits Of Architectural Drawings

The benefits of producing the correct architectural drawings for your project mean that you can schedule a specific budget for the build as the drawings make it easier to plan for the exact items and materials needed for a project.

What Are The Different Types Of Architectural Drawings?

  • Block plan
  • Component drawings
  • Concept drawings/sketches
  • Construction drawings/working drawings
  • Design drawings
  • Detail drawings
  • Electrical drawing
  • Elevations
  • Floor plans
  • Engineering drawing
  • Perspective
  • Scale drawing
  • Section drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Site plans
  • Technical drawings

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