Top 2021 interior design trends to include in your home this year

From ultra-comfortable living spaces to rustic vogue features, 2021 is bursting with new interior design trends that are easy and affordable when it comes to incorporating them into your home. Whether keeping your home’s décor on trend is important to you or if you’re looking to upgrade your interior design and need some ideas about what’s hot this year, keep reading.

What’s being left behind

Before we look at what interior trends are at the top of the list in 2021, let’s take a look at what seems to be working its way out of trendy design at the moment.

  • Shiplap was a trendy way to decorate your walls in the 2010s. This is no longer a popular trend. Tiles, plaster or even living walls of plants are becoming more prevalent.
  • Grey kitchen interiors were all the rage not too long ago. They’re now a fading trend with green being particularly trendy in terms of kitchen colours this year.
  • All-white interiors with a minimalistic palette are coming to its end as a trend. We’re now seeing that incorporating colour and character into living spaces are becoming more popular.
  • Accent walls were the ‘in thing’ for quite some time. This trend started to make spaces more interesting, but the age of the accent wall is drawing to a close. Monochromatic walls that blend seamlessly with surrounding décor are emerging as a big trend in 2021.

Granny chic

Granny style is in, but in a good way. Most likely influenced by the global pandemic, granny chic includes floral patterns, antique or retro furniture and cheerful colour hues – almost reminiscent of the comforting, familiar feeling of visiting a grandparent.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper

This trend is particularly popular amongst those who are renting, or homeowners not wanting to commit to a costly upgrade of their living space. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is usually self-adhesive and easily removed without leaving any residue behind. This super on-trend product can give any room a dramatic makeover.

Comfortable and cosy living

Relaxed, cosy living is a major trend in 2021. It’s probably what we’re all longing for. There is a departure from mid-century furniture with homeowners leaning more towards comfortable, cosy options that allow for endless amounts of binge-watching on Netflix.

Primary colours

As mentioned above, the minimalist palette has been the go-to trend for many years now when it comes to choosing colours for living spaces. This trend is being entirely turned on its head with a renewed focus on primary and other bold colours. This livelier colour palette gives interiors an artistic edge, particularly when two primary colours are used against a muted palette.

Soothing green

Green kitchen cabinets are fast becoming one of the biggest trends of 2021. Green is very soothing colour and can be added to your home’s décor in a very subtle way. Both lighter and deeper shades of green are popping up in kitchens all over the globe. It is also part of the cosy design trend mentioned above. Because green is a mix of blue and yellow, it works with just about any colour palette including both cool and warm tones.

Rustic ceramics

Paired with a green kitchen, rustic ceramics are the perfect accent. Smooth porcelain or glass ceramics are on their way out.

Yellow and grey

Each year, Pantone announces a colour of the year which heavily influences the design trends for that period. In an unusual move, this year, Pantone announced two colours as their shades of the year: yellow and grey. These two colours come together beautifully whether it be through painting walls or choosing linens. Give this combination a try if you’re looking to liven up a space while still embracing a sophisticated look and feel.

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