Things to know before building the home of your dreams

If you’ve decided to embark on building a new home, congratulations! Exciting times lie ahead. There is a lot to consider and plenty to plan, but there are some things we think you should know before you start.

We’ve helped many clients with new builds, and along the way, we have learned a lot that we would like to share with you before you embark on building your new home.

Do your research

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably busy with this first step as we speak – and you’re on the right track. The best possible thing you can do before starting work on the new home of your dreams is plenty of research. Learning as much as you can about the build before you begin is the best way to set yourself up for success.

The things that are important to research include getting the right permission and approval for your type of build and for the location you are building at. You’ll also want to learn about the local rules and regulations for building in your area. And, perhaps most importantly, you need to research absolutely every service provider that you bring onboard to help you with building your home, from builders to electricians as well as your architectural designer.

Hiring an architectural designer

One of the first things you’ll need to have in place ahead of starting your build is an architectural designer and a structural engineer. We are responsible for planning out your new dream home and just about every aspect that comes with it. It’s vital that you find the right architectural designer who will be able to work closely with you and understand your vision for your new home.

One thing we’d like to share with you here is to make sure the architectural design team you choose are qualified and that they know all the ins and outs of getting planning permission and building approval in your location.

Getting the right permission and approval

Figuring out whether you simply need planning permission or if you need to apply for building control approval is not a maze you should navigate yourself. The right architectural designer will be able to assist you in ascertaining what kinds of permission and approval you need to go ahead with your new build. They will also ensure your plans are up to scratch so that you get permission or approval the first time you apply.

Finding good contractors

Much like when you’re looking for an architectural designer and structural engineer, you should do thorough research on the builders and contractors you will be hiring to execute your plans and build your new home. Ask contractors for examples of similar work that they’ve done and ask for the contact details of the people they did the work for so that you can get references.

These are the people that you are trusting the entire build with – you want to make sure they have proof of their qualifications and check trade association websites to ensure they’re a member when they say they are.

There may be delays

When you are budgeting and planning for your new build, it’s important to factor in the unknown. Building an entire house is a massive project and it’s possible that things will go wrong, that certain things take longer than you expected, or cost more than you initially budgeted for. Whilst having a carefully considered plan in place will get you far, it’s important to plan for mishaps that you can’t predict.

Armed with the above knowledge, you should feel more prepared and ready to start your new build journey. If you do thorough research and find the right service providers, you’re headed in the right direction. You can also rely on our blog for more insights on getting planning permission and building control approval and more information on what to expect.