Simple tips to improve the value of your property

For those who own homes, it is usually one’s biggest asset. It makes sense then to capitalise on your investment by adding as much value as possible to your property.

Regardless of whether you’ve just moved in, are completely settled or looking to sell your property, adding value to your home is always a good idea. At Plan It we are experts in helping you make the most out of your property to add maximum value to what you already have, even in really tight spaces.

Here are some ways that you can breathe new life into your property, have some extra space and add a bit of value when the time comes to sell.

Convert your loft

Many homes in the UK come with loft space. An excellent way to add value to your property is to convert this space into an additional bedroom with an en suite bathroom, a home office or even a playroom for your little ones.

Converting your loft into additional living space can add up to 15% value to your property.

Most lofts can be easily converted but be sure to get an expert opinion from an architectural designer before you go down this route, to make sure your loft meets the necessary requirements for a conversion.

Extend your kitchen

Another fantastic way to add value to your property is to extend your kitchen. The best way to do this is through a side-return extension. This could potentially add up to 15% to the value of your home.

A side-return is the creation of a narrow alley that runs adjacent to the kitchen. By extending your kitchen into a side-return and to the full width of the house gives you loads of extra space and improves the layout of your home. We specialise in bespoke kitchen extension plans in London. Our designers will collaborate closely with you on your kitchen extension to find a solution that fits best with your property and your lifestyle.

Create a new living space

If your family does not use your garage to house a car or to store your belongings, a lucrative way to add value to your home is to turn your garage into an additional living space. This is particularly easy if your garage is attached to your home. With the right permission, you could even build above your garage. This type of conversion can add 15-16% additional value to your property.

Additionally, you can add endless value to you home and create extra space for living by extending your home outwards. You can do this either as a single storey rear extension or a double storey side extension.

If you need advice as to what the best way is to add value to your home, contact us for expert advice and a free consultation.