How to design a space that grows with your family

How to design a space.

We know that designing a house is a rather big commitment. Another big commitment you may have to make in your lifetime is growing your family. It is immense that these two factors intertwine when you are looking to design your dream home. Your design would need to create a space that accommodates a family that is growing or is going to grow.

So how do you design a space that grows with your family? You have to keep the future in mind. An experienced architectural designer can assist you in designing a space that keeps up with the needs of your family as it expands.

Here are our top tips to consider when designing a home that accommodates your plans for the future.

Include a loft in your design

If you are designing a brand-new home – a new build, as we call it – consider adding a loft space to your drawings. A loft can easily be converted to an additional room at a later stage. Building up is a lot easier than extending your home.

In fact, if you live in London and convert your loft to an additional room, you could add up to 14% additional value to your home.

If you are working with an existing home that has a loft, get expert advice from our architectural designers, and have your loft conversion plans drawn up here.

Choose a property with space to extend

If you are embarking on a new build, ensure that your architectural designer plans a space for you that can be easily extended upon in future if need be.

If you are working with an existing home, get advice as to how you can add rooms onto your property using extension plans.

Investing in an extension is an investment in your home and your happiness within it. We provide modern, considered extension plans, designed to maximise on the available space and add value to your property.

Plan ahead and for the unknown

While you consider what you need in a design for a new build, it is important to make allowances for the unknown. For example, you may want to have one more child – but surprise! It’s twins. You’re going to need more space than you initially planned for.

Also, keep in mind that if you plan on staying in the home you are designing for many years, you need to think about what you will do with the extra space once your children have left home. Consider having one room that could fulfil multiple functions, whether it’s an additional bedroom, a playroom, or a home office. Planning ahead and making allowances for the unknown by adding to your design will go a long way.

Are you looking to build a new home or extend your current property? Contact us for expert advice and a comprehensive quote.