How Plan It makes your dream home possible

Whatever the words ‘dream home’ mean to you, our expert team is ready to manage the entire design and approval process for you in London. Whether your dream home is simply renovating your existing one or if it means building a new home from scratch, we have the architectural planning solution for you.

We keep things simple

We know how stressful the process of building a new home or even extending your current home can be. However, one of the things we pride ourselves on most is how we simplify the process of planning your build and your application. You can rest assured that with Plan It, the structural design aspect of your dream home is handled from start to finish.

Our highly skilled planners, architectural team and structural engineers will manage your application, prepare your drawings, and handle your calculations. We even have the resources to cover inspections, as we partner with a national building control inspection provider.

What you see is what you get

We know that by using our services, our clients are putting their faith and trust in us. We understand what a massive responsibility it is to handle an entire design and approval process. Therefore, we endeavor to be as transparent as possible with all our clients so that they know they are in good hands.

At Plan It, we are upfront with our clients from the start. The price in our quote will be the same price on your invoice. Nothing will change in between. What you see is what you get.

Our services are entirely online and, because we have streamlined this process, we are able to provide a great price without compromising the quality of work we produce. Our team works remotely, and we have no overhead office costs, which means we can keep our prices low.

Extensions, new builds and everything in between

Wondering what to expect while working with us? The first step is what we like to call the ‘measure’ process. This is when we will come to your home and do a full site survey, collecting all the information we need to get started. We will also spend time getting to know you, your tastes and get an understanding of exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

The next step is to work closely with you to produce drawings that bring your dream home to life. Whether you need drawings to extend your home, convert a space into a loft or for an entirely new build – our designers will collaborate closely with you to create a solution that fits both your space and your personality.

Next comes the planning phase. This is where we have extensive experience submitting planning applications on your behalf, taking this stressful aspect of your build off your plate.

Last, but not least, we work with building control regarding any changes that need to be made to get the project approved and moving forward.

No matter what your dream home looks like, you can trust Plan It to give you professional advice and take the headache out of planning and applying for your build. Let us talk Reach out to us here.