Home renovation ideas that won’t break the bank

Home renovations often get a bad rap for being too costly and time-consuming to be an option for homeowners to explore. But there’s a whole world of renovation ideas out there that won’t break the bank and that can really add value to your home and create a more comfortable space that is very much your own.

Install a new shower enclosure

You can start small by installing a new shower head to give you a truly luxurious feeling when you shower. If you’d like to spend a bit more, you can totally upgrade your shower enclosure with new taps, a new modern shower door or even re-tile the enclosure.

Redo your grouting

Re-tiling your home is an expensive upgrade if you’re looking to freshen up a space. Instead, you can redo any tile grouting that is starting to show age. It’s a simple update that will bring back the beauty in your floors, backsplashes and anywhere else you have tiles installed.

Install shelves

One of the biggest reasons people remodel their homes is to create more storage space. An easier and more cost-effective way to introduce more storage space in your home is to maximise any unused wall space, such as the space above your bath, and install shelving. This gives you more space to store things and adds a decorative touch to your home.

Paint your countertops

One of the latest kitchen renovation trends at the moment is using granite paint. This innovative paint allows you to create imitation granite countertops over older surfaces without forking out on genuine granite. Updating your kitchen countertops can give the space an entirely new, polished feel. Granite paint is scratch resistant and waterproof, unlike real granite – more reasons to give this a go.

Upgrade your light fixtures

Walk into any lighting shop and you’ll be presented with endless lighting fixture options that can totally breathe new life into any room in your home. Replacing lighting fixtures is a lot more affordable than installing a new crystal chandelier yet can be just as dramatic and appealing. You can also install clip-on shades on your lamps so that you can change them up regularly without spending a lot.

Lean into the LED lighting trend

As we’ve mentioned before, extra light can make any room feel larger and more attractive. A major trend in interior design right now is installing LED lighting strips under kitchen cabinets and even under countertops. Not only does this provide you with extra visibility while you’re busy in your kitchen, but it also doubles as modern mood lighting. An added bonus is that LED lights are energy-efficient and can even be adjusted to match the colour of your décor.

Give your cupboards a makeover

Bedroom cupboards usually take up quite a bit of wall space. Make them look worthy of the space by adding mirrors to the outside of the doors to make a room feel lighter and larger. Another idea is to install floor-to-ceiling cupboard doors to give your bedroom a more luxurious aesthetic and provide you with more storage space.

Knock down a few walls

If you’d like to create a more open plan feel, you don’t have to do an entire remodel of your home. Instead, you can break down a few walls to create larger living spaces and give your home a lighter, airier feel. Alternatively, you can incorporate the broken plan living trend into your home by adding a few additional walls, half walls, or alcoves.

Breaking down or adding walls isn’t expensive when you hire an affordable firm like Plan It to handle your architectural designs and structural engineering.

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