About Us

In early 2020, best friends Harry and Frazer founded 'Plan It' to revolutionise the home extension industry by streamlining the process and forming strategic partnerships with key professionals. With a full-service approach and a focus on trust and quality, they have successfully served customers while ensuring the right builder-customer match. Plan It has since continued to innovate, launching 'The Plan' to support their approved builders and enhance efficiency and quality in the industry.

Frazer Day

Frazer Day, BA (Hons) in Architecture,

Frazer is one of the Co-founders at Plan It and is responsible for design and onboarding new clients.

After completing his architecture degree at Canterbury School of Architecture, Frazer held several technical coordinator and manager roles in the residential sector before later becoming the Managing Director of a construction and development company, delivering ambitious and technically demanding projects across the UK.

Frazer prides himself on being able to think like a builder, which means having the technical ability to design extensions in a way that makes life easy for the builder while delivering beautiful homes for his customers.

Frazer is married to Amy, and they have two happy young children and a dog, Bella.

Harry Dunn

Harry, a holder of a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Design, is driven by his passion for creativity and aesthetics, instilled through his education. Co-founding Plan It, he gained invaluable insights into architecture, collaborating with a skilled team to craft innovative solutions.

In his multifaceted role, Harry manages customers with pride, prioritizing exceptional service. He firmly believes that outstanding customer service is the cornerstone of success, and he dedicates himself to ensuring every customer's experience is exceptional. He also oversees behind-the-scenes operations, optimizing efficiency, from coordinating suppliers to supporting dedicated staff.

Beyond his professional life, Harry cherishes his loving family. He and his wife recently welcomed their newborn, Teddy, bringing immense joy and embarking on a new chapter of adventure. Alongside Teddy, their faithful dog, Remi, is an inseparable part of their family, making each day brighter and more meaningful. Harry's journey is a testament to his commitment to design, service, and family, shaping a fulfilling life.

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