2021 homeowner trends; moving upwards and outwards!

A multitude of reasons can motivate homeowners to stay put and draw up extension plans instead of hitting the house-hunting trail. Why is that, how do you pin down the design you need, and what are the ramifications of planning permission?

Why 2021 will bring a home improvement upturn

For months, the British have spent an unprecedented amount of time anchored at home. For some, this was a golden opportunity to evaluate the amount and quality of living space they were enjoying!

One of the main reasons to add more space to your existing property is that it can prove far less expensive than stretching your finances thin to afford a bigger home. It also avoids the hassles and heartache of house buying.

There is also cause for excitement if you opt to amend the architecture of your current home. After all, you can continue to benefit from any improvements you’ve already completed, and all the finishing touches you’ve added to make this house your home. However, you now also get to draw up extension plans to further stamp your preferences, tastes and lifestyle needs on this property.

That can include everything from expanding upwards into the loft or building outwards to create a single or two-story extension. You can have the master bedroom you always dreamed of, an extra bathroom, a better family room or even a whole suite of rooms for an elderly relative to live in.

In 2021, one of the most common reasons to alter the architecture of private residences will be to create a home office. It is likely that, post-pandemic, many people will continue to work from home. Pundits also believe home-based enterprises will increase in numbers as more folk embrace self-employment. Or, rent out rooms to make ends meet.

Investing in a flawless – legal – extension

One of the key ‘take-homes’ of drawing up extension plans of any kind, is that this is not the time to cut corners!

For one thing, you must be familiar with any planning permission hurdles and queries you may face. This often hinges on whether you are changing the purpose of your property or creating an extra building (such as a non-adjacent workshop) for business purposes. Some properties have additional planning permission restrictions to consider, due to the age or location of the structure too, for example.

You need to check the architecture aims you have, against the individual planning rules in your area. Though this is something Plan It could greatly assist with, along with transforming your ambitions and outline concepts into an achievable property extension with flawless attributes.

Having this level of expertise to rely on ensures that you will make changes to your property’s architecture that support its existing integrity and add value to its price.

The designers at Plan It can also maximise every square metre of space available, to create an extension that possibly even exceeds your initial expectations.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that prospect, to look forward to in 2021? Go Plan It!